StarWind VSAN Help : Unattended setup of StarWind VSAN

The installation package of StarWind Virtual SAN product offers a set of options to automate the installation process.

It can be installed with command-line scripts and by means of Group Policy management in Windows Domain.

Installer options

The installer supports the following command-line options:


Unattended setup mode.


Unattended setup mode. Installation progress window is not displayed.


Change the default directory for installation. 

/LICENSEKEY="path to license file"

Installs product license from the file.


Causes Setup to create a log file. Can be used without a filename, the log file will be created in the user’s TEMP directory.


Installer skips reboot if it's not required. It will finish with exit code 8 if the system restart is needed. 


Skips any additional questions from the installer. For example, if a file is in use or any other messages.

/COMPONENTS=”comma separated list of component names”

Overrides default component settings.

Current list of components:

  • service – StarWind Virtual SAN server.

  • service\haprocdriver - HA Processor Driver, it is used to support devices that have been created with older versions of the software.

  • service\starflb – Loopback Accelerator, it is used with Windows Server 2012 and upper versions to accelerate iSCSI operation when a client resides on the same machine as a server.

  • service\starportdriver – StarPort driver that is required for operation of Mirror devices.

  • gui – Management Console;

  • StarWindXDll – StarWindX COM object;

  • StarWindXDll\powerShellEx – StarWindX PowerShell module.

List of components for typical installation on the server: 


List of components for typical installation on management machine:


Sample command line for installation:

StarWind.exe /silent /components="service,StarWindXDll" /licensekey="d:\server_lic.swk"