StarWind VSAN Help : Operations with Snapshots

To perform any operation described below, launch Snapshot Manager.

Note: All data from the snapshot will be copied to a new volume.

To create a snapshot:

1. Click Create Snapshot on the toolbar of Snapshot Manager.
2. In the Take a snapshot dialog window, specify the snapshot name and description.

Note: The snapshot name is generated automatically and can be changed to any custom name.

3. Click Create.

To mount a snapshot:

1. Select Mount Snapshot on the toolbar of Snapshot Manager.

2. As Add Device Wizard appears, specify the caching mode. 

3. Select a method of target attachment and fill in the Target Alias text field.
4. Select the Target Name checkbox to enter a custom name of a target. Otherwise, the name is generated automatically in accordance with the specified target alias.

 Note: Specifying a reasonable name and alias simplifies navigation through the available iSCSI targets.

5. Select the Allow multiple concurrent iSCSI Connections checkbox if you want to enable several clients to connect simultaneously to the target.

6. Click Next to continue.
7. Click Create to confirm the settings.

8. Click Close to close the wizard.

To delete a snapshot:

1. Select the required snapshot and click Delete Snapshot on the toolbar of Snapshot Manager.

2. Confirm the deletion, and the selected snapshot will be removed.