StarWind VSAN Help : Configuring StarWind Server

Before configuring a StarWind server, connect it to the Management Console:

1.Double-click the StarWind tray icon to launch StarWind Management Console

2.StarWind Management Console allows for the management of multiple StarWind servers from a single computer. Right-click the necessary StarWind server and select Connect from the shortcut menu. 

3.If StarWind Service and Management Console are installed on the same server, the Console will automatically add the host to the Console tree after the first launch. Then, the Console automatically connects to the host using the default authentication parameters.

Note: The default login and password are root and starwind. You can always change them later. It is strongly recommended to change the default username/password to protect your StarWind server from an unauthorized access!

If the server is not displayed in the list, right-click the StarWind Servers item and select Add Server from the shortcut menu (see Adding a StarWind Server for more information).

The further steps are: