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Solutions for Government

Local, state and federal governments are seeking ways to operate more efficiently, improve their data management, maximize IT resources and ultimately make government IT more transparent and accountable.

StarWind's iSCSI SAN solutions can help government IT professionals manage data while running their storage area networks on existing technology infrastructure and networks and with existing personnel. What StarWind's iSCSI SAN solution does is enable government to do more with less, perhaps one of its most vital missions.

Here are just a few ways local, state and federal government offices can benefit from a SAN based on the proven and reliable technology employed in StarWind's iSCSI solution:

  • Server and Storage Virtualization
  • Shared storage and data migration
  • Better Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning
  • Green IT through consolidation of storage and servers
  • More cost-effective and efficient management of storage resources

StarWind Server is a reliable solution that scales rapidly with the growing demands of governments at all levels. It's a powerful SAN with enterprise-class features such as thin provisioning, CDP & Snapshots, and mirroring & replication. StarWind's solutions also can harness the power of Microsoft Windows Server clustering technology for the most effective disaster recovery results and for higher data availability.

StarWind's SAN software runs over the proven, standard iSCSI protocol and supports industry-leading VMware ESX and ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008. Our StarWind iSCSI Target software installs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 and you can convert your existing servers into a high-performance SAN in under 30 minutes.

Please contact us directly to learn more about our not-for-profit, government and academic pricing.

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