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Building fault-tolerant high-performance clusters with StarWind Grid Architecture

18 May, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Host: Bogdan Savchenko, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

StarWind takes advantage of the “grid architecture” in its solutions, allowing to build a highly-fault-tolerant cluster while maintaining the principle of “data locality” to maximize performance. A cluster based on such topology, where a number of nodes are connected into a grid, delivers a high rate of resiliency and stays operational even after multiple nodes go down, whereas typical N+1 or N+2 systems can hardly withstand 1/3 nodes failure. The "grid architecture" allows creating a highly redundant and high-performing cluster while providing better scalability of the system.

Watch our Tap Room meeting to learn about the benefits that StarWind Grid Architecture brings to your IT infrastructure.

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