StarWind Virtual SAN V8 Compute and Storage Separated 2 Nodes with Scale-Out File Servers

Published: October 2014

This document describes the basic steps for configuration of StarWind solution in order to run a fault tolerant shared storage. Additionally, the manual describes how to configure the shared storage that will be used as the backbone of the highly available File Server (NFS NAS). It was created for experienced Windows Server users or system administrators.

The guide assumes configuring the StarWind and HA File Share in a Compute and Storage Separated architecture. Typical use cases include shared storage for huge clustered SQL Server, Oracle deployments, and an inexpensive block back-end for Scale-Out File Servers. While running StarWind in Compute and Storage separated architecture, it is possible to scale compute and storage resources independently, with different leverages regardless from each other. As a result, the system better fits the task while CapEx and OpEx go through the floor, since there is no need to purchase hardware that will be essentially wasted. Thus, the system can be created specifically for a particular task.

StarWind Virtual SAN® is a native Windows hypervisor-centric hardware-less VM storage solution. It creates a fully fault tolerant and high performing storage pool purpose built for the virtualization workloads by mirroring existing server’s storage and RAM between the participating storage cluster nodes. The mirrored storage resource is then connected to all cluster nodes treated just as local storage by both hypervisors and clustered applications. Fault tolerance is achieved by providing multipathed access to all storage nodes. StarWind Virtual SAN delivers supreme performance compared to any dedicated SAN solution since it runs locally on the hypervisor and all IO is processed by local RAM, SSD cache, and disks and never bottlenecked by storage fabric.

The guide consists of the following steps:

  1. Pre-Configuring the Servers
    1. Enabling Multipath Support
    2. Installing File Server Role
    3. Configuring Shared Storage
    4. Discovering Target Portals
    5. Connecting Targets
    6. Multipath Configuration
  2. Creating a Cluster
  3. Configuring and Managing Scale-Out File Server
    1. Configuring the Scale-Out File Server Role
    2. Creating A File Share On a Cluster Shared Volume

StarWind Virtual SAN V8 Compute and Storage Separated 2 Nodes with Scale-Out File Servers

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