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Single UI for Everything HCI

StarWind Command Center

Stop straining yourself by using many dedicated UIs to survey and manage different activities of your hyperconverged environment. There is no need to follow that old-fashioned routine. StarWind Command Center is a single-pane-of-glass monitoring and management component designed for ease of HCI control that does it all.

It comes at zero additional cost since it’s meant to further improve your turnkey experience with StarWind HCA. All of the critical stats and control operations are consolidated in StarWind Command Center to enhance and simplify your HCI experience.* Choose progress instead of sticking to the old ways and see how much easier hyperconvergence can be!

*The first stage of implementation concerns those who use Hyper-V. The same option for other hypervisor-governed environments will follow soon.


The tool was designed to remove the need to shuffle between different UIs to control an HCI. No more need to frustrate between windows to monitor, manage, and kick in commands for various activities. Everything you need is consolidated in a single neat web UI.


StarWind Command Center covers all the essentials. Control your nodes, virtual machines, storage, networks, and tasks/events/alerts from a single window. Everything is organized into elaborate and functional dashboards just a click away.


Manage different routines and view cluster-wide statistics from a single pane. Use one smart tool that substitutes several others. As you know, optimized operations frequently mean effective results. Make your daily routine work for you and not vice versa.

Fill the gaps
Scheduling Deployment

Not only does StarWind Command Center come at no extra price for StarWind HCA users, our engineers will help deploy it and educate you on how to use it totally free of charge! There’s no catch: we simply want your plug-and-play HCI experience to be as flawless as possible. Simply fill out the form below, the engineers will contact you and schedule a session.

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