Posted by Vladan Seget on August 14, 2018
VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT) – Free tool for Virtual and Physical systems

VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT) is a free tool provided by VMware Labs website. A website which is well known for the “Flings”, which are free utilities which helps IT admins in their day-to-day administration tasks. The utility uses templates which provides an easy way to disable windows services which aren’t mostly necessary. By disabling unnecessary services you’re basically make the system run more “light” so you’re saving resources which can be used for other programs.

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on March 31, 2017
What’s new in VMware Horizon 7.1 for VDI infrastructure users?

VMware has recently released an update to its main platform for enterprise virtual and physical desktops infrastructure management – VMware Horizon 7.1. More than six months have passed since the release of the previous Horizon 7.0.2 version, and a whole year since the release of the major Horizon 7.

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Posted by Didier Van Hoye on June 27, 2016
Windows 2016 Makes a 100% In Box High Performance VDI Solution a Realistic Option


With Windows Server 2016 we have gained some very welcome capabilities to do cost effective VDI deployments using all in box technologies. The main areas of improvement are in storage, RemoteFX and with Discrete Device Assignment for hardware pass-through to the VM. Let’s take a look at what’s possible now and think out loud on what solutions are possible as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

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