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Do you dream of the fastest data transfer rate?
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Speaker: Vladyslav Savchenko, Pre-Sales Engineer, StarWind
Posted by Vladyslav Savchenko on October 4, 2018
StarWind rPerf: All-in-one free tool for ensuring the maximum performance level of your RDMA network connections

Nowadays we often meet systems with RDMA connections configured for increasing the performance of the system. Also, it’s not a news that we can meet environments with the different OS installed. In our case, we will be looking into a vital aspect of the process – the performance of RDMA connections. So, let’s have a look at the configuration of RDMA and what we need for building and testing RDMA connections, problems that you possibly can face, and the final part is making it perform in a way that will make us happy. So, let’s start.

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