Deploying SQL Server 2016 Basic Availability Groups Without Active Directory. Part 2: Configuring SQL Server
Posted by Edwin M Sarmiento on November 23, 2017

In the previous blog post, I’ve walked you thru the process of creating the Windows Server 2016 Failover Cluster  (WSFC) that is not joined to an Active Directory Domain. It is very important that you get the underlying WSFC properly configured and stabilized before you even attempt to create the SQL Server 2016 Always On Basic Availability Group. The availability and reliability of your SQL Server 2016 Always On Basic Availability Group depends so much on the WSFC.

If you have previously configured Always On Availability Groups, you will notice that most of the steps provided are similar to configuring it with Active Directory. But because there is no centralized directory service for managing accounts, you will need to rely on certificates for authenticating communication between replicas. You need to use T-SQL to accomplish those tasks.

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