Posted by Mikhail Rodionov on July 21, 2017
SQL indexes 101

When it comes to SQL Server database indexes there is a wide scale of variation in depth of knowledge on this important topic among IT professionals leveraging SQL Server power while not necessarily being specialist DBA. Let’s discuss SQL server indexes a bit here with non-SQL DBAs/non-DB developers audience in mind covering why and how sides of the subject.

I still remember one of my interviews where I was asked something along the lines of “what comprises a database?” Being an experienced IT professional, I’ve instantly said something about rows and columns forming tables and entities within those, and something about relations between entities/tables and once I said my “that’s it without going into details too much” one of the interviewers said: “And what about indexes?”, “ah, yes indexes…” was my response. I think this is beginning of the scale of non-SQL professional knowledge about indexes – you are vaguely aware that they exist and have some vague idea about what they do.

Data in a table stored in a clustered index structure

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