PowerShell Modules – Why bother?
Posted by Mike Preston on November 18, 2016
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PowerShell Module

Ever since PowerShell hit the stage it’s adoption has been increasing dramatically – Finally that Windows-based scripting language that not only appeals to Windows administrators with an easy to use structure but has been widely adopted by the industry surrounding the third-party applications.   There aren’t many mainstream products out today that don’t support PowerShell. Don’t get me wrong – adoption is great, but with that needs to come to a little organization – we, as administrators have managed to spread those PS1 files all over the place – they are scattered on servers here and there, our PC’s, inside of cloud storage.  Basically, when we have discovered issues or needed to apply configuration changes we have created our scripts and just left those files laying around. When the time comes to fix that problem again we sometimes find ourselves hunting down those scripts – which, by taking more time than it needs to, sort of defeats the purpose of the efficiency of automation in the first place.


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