Microsoft, the Open Source Cloud Hardware and Why is it Important to You
Posted by Augusto Alvarez on November 7, 2016

There was a time when “open source” and “Microsoft” were two words that did not get along, at all. Bill Gates when he was leading the Redmond Company said, even though the free software should be part of the ecosystem, the General Public License (GPL, licenses that used to rule most of the open source projects) has a “Pac-Man-like nature” that was destroying the “healthy ecosystem” for companies. Or even later when he said that the open source software is a “New Communism” (in a despicable way, of course).

Well, for a while now seems those type of statements from Microsoft are just part of an old tale. Microsoft recently announced that the release of the Project Olympus, their new hyperscale cloud hardware design and a new model for open source hardware development with the Open Compute Project (OCP) community.

The building blocks that Project Olympus will contribute consist of a new universal motherboard, high-availability power supply with included batteries, 1U/2U server chassis, high-density storage expansion, a new universal rack power distribution unit (PDU) for global datacenter interoperability, and a standards compliant rack management card.

rack management card