StarWind Maintenance Mode Overview
Posted by Ivan Talaichuk on October 19, 2017

Howdy, folks! I would like to start my tale with a little backstory regarding usefulness which the “maintenance mode” brings to us. And in order to do that, I’ll start from the times when updates have led to the downtime for production.

That’s not a secret for anyone that any production environment sometimes needs to be maintained. It could either be a software update or a hardware reconfiguration. To do this, the administrator should stop the production server for a certain period of time, and this may affect the reliability of the production environment. For example, the fault tolerance level can be decreased, as well as the performance. This is especially critical for small infrastructures which consist of 2 nodes.

So, let’s take a closer look at StarWind maintenance mode and what it delivers to us. First of all, it eliminates the downtimes caused by the planned nodes shutdowns and thus, allows keeping nodes in the pre-synchronized state so that synchronization resumption would not be needed. As a result, the system doesn’t experience any performance and availability degradation.

Enable the maintenance mode on HAimage


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