Looking at the human factors in security breaches
Posted by Gary Williams on November 1, 2017

There have been a lot of high profile security breaches this year, the highest profile has to be that of Equifax as that is a breach which has the potential to run and run for some time to come. Deloitte also got breached and alongside those large companies which should have known better, there have been various others impacting systems such as Disqus.

Of course, once it was made clear how the breach occurred, a lot was said about how bad it is that the breaches accorded and how it should never have happened and this is quite valid from a technical standpoint but, the reasons that these security issues were allowed to exist go far beyond the technical and into the realm of human factors.

To be clear, I’m an IT pro, I love what I do. I’m not a psychologist and nor am I attempting to be one but I also have an interest in how disasters unfurl, not least of which are aviation disasters. Whenever there is an aircraft accident the investigators always look at the human factors alongside the technical and mechanical ones and I think that it’s time that the IT industry started to do the same when reviewing IT disasters including security breaches.

Root causes of data breaches


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