Top 5 solutions to make huge data transferring with AWS a breeze
Posted by Sergey Sanduliak on May 10, 2018


These days, many organizations keep huge amounts of data on premises. Things worked like that from the very beginning of IT era when data was stored and processed in one place. In our fast-pacing world, we must take into consideration all possible ways to improve the operational cycle and bring innovation into it. You don’t move forward – you move backward.

You want to minimize storage and maintenance costs? Wanna get an offsite disaster recovery storage solution with five nines availability? Need an affordable and easily accessible cold storage? You can consider migrating to a cloud! The migration to the cloud is a logical way of IT infrastructure evolution.


StarWind Cloud VTL for AWS and Veeam
Posted by Alex Khorolets on August 9, 2017


These days, almost every company that stores its own data on-premise, will it be the virtual machines, databases or just plain files, needs to be sure that this data won’t be lost due to some accident or human error. More to say, backup solutions are usually requested to be flexible, feature-rich and utilize different storage-optimization technologies for increased cost-efficiency.

The additional requirement of the long-term data retention significantly increases the overall cost of the final solution, which resulted in an increased demand for public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Azure as a backup repository for their data.

StarWind Cloud VTL for AWS and Veeam creates an additional backup storage tier, fulfilling the “3-2-1 backup” strategy, and gives the ability to send older backups to AWS S3 and Glacier. Virtual tape backups are also self-protected against ransomware since all data is being sealed into “containers” that cannot be directly affected by the malicious software.

StarWind Cloud VTL configuration