Posted by Sergey Sanduliak on May 30, 2018
Take your backup infrastructure security and cost efficiency to the next level with StarWind VTL for Backblaze and Veeam

I would like to introduce you a complex solution that combines backup storage pool, backup software, and ability to offload the backup data to the fast cloud storage. All this functionality works in unison, creating an easy-to-manage and reliable environment for your backups.

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Posted by Oksana Zybinskaya on May 5, 2016
4U Storage Pods offer 240TB of storage for 3.6 cents/GB


As we know, Backblaze publishes the specifications its product – Storage Pods, and recently it has announced its sixth generation design, with the number of disks rising from 45 to 60 while reducing costs down even further.

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Posted by Oksana Zybinskaya on February 22, 2016
Hard Drive Reliability Review for 2015

During 2015 Backblaze data centre has expanded from 39’690 hard drives in 882 Backblaze Storage Pods to 56’224 drives in 1’249 Pods, which makes about 65 Petabytes of additional space.

Hard Drive Statistics for 2015

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