Deploy an Azure VM from a generalized image in Azure RM portal
Posted by Romain Serre on August 2, 2016
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Microsoft Azure provides a way to deploy Azure VM from the Marketplace or from a generalized image. When you deploy the Azure VM from the Marketplace, no customization is deployed. You have to configure the operating system as your master. When you have several Azure VMs to deploy, the customization of each system can be time consuming. A lot of companies have a master or a baseline image in a VMDK for VMWare, in a VHD(X) for Hyper-V or in a WIM image. In this topic we will see how to create a generalized image from a single Azure VM and how to deploy Azure VM from this generalized image.

In the old portal (, all steps can be done from the GUI but also by using PowerShell. In the new portal (, you have to use PowerShell because it is not yet integrated to the portal. In this topic, I will work from the new portal (AzureRM).

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