Posted by Romain Serre on October 1, 2020
Enable Azure Monitor for Azure Stack HCI through Windows Admin Center

Monitoring an HCI can be a real pain because of having to shuffle through multiple UIs, each responsible for a different stat. That’s why HCI vendors continuously aim to perfect their options for control. To simplify your Azure Stack HCI monitoring, you can enable Azure Monitor via Windows Admin Center, with its in-built rules, or create your own.

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Posted by Romain Serre on October 24, 2019
Enable Azure Monitor from Windows Admin Center

Azure Monitor is a feature in Windows Admin Center that is still in preview, but you can make good use of it already. So why wait? Unfortunately, some people have issues with configuring alerts in Azure Monitor and rightfully so: it has to be done through Azure Portal. But don’t fret — it’s going to take you just a few minutes to get into it and set up whatever rules you need.
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Posted by Augusto Alvarez on April 3, 2017
Azure Monitor Goes Live in General Availability

Microsoft has just released to the public, and with a stable version (preview was announced in September 2016), Azure Monitor. This platform represents a set of features and capabilities within Azure to provide detail logs, metrics and diagnostic about the workloads in the Microsoft public cloud.

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