Posted by Florent Appointaire on December 15, 2016
[Docker] Image2Docker: Bye bye IIS on Windows Server, Hello IIS on Windows Containers

Image2Docker is a tool to convert some Windows Server roles to Docker containers (on Windows, for sure). With this new version, it’s possible to extract ASP.NET website to run them in containers. To start, I created a VM with 3 ASP.NET websites.

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Posted by Florent Appointaire on March 4, 2016
[AZURE] Execute an Azure Automation Runbook from an ASP.NET website

I will explain to you today how to execute an Azure Automation Runbook through an ASP.NET website who is stored on a free Azure WebApp.

To do this, I will use Webhook from the Azure Automation Runbook. I used this article to understand how it works.


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