As you certainly know, Cloud technologies are evolving very quickly. So it’s difficult to stay up to date, check many websites with news, etc.

It’s why today, I will show you how to receive news, by email/teams/twitter for example, without doing any things. To do that, we will need the following components:

Go to your Logic App. I will do the check of news one time per day (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/logic-apps/). Put a recurrence to do that:

Logic App

Add now an action, with type List all RSS feed items and give the first URL as feed. Add also the parameter since, with the following expression addDays(utcNow(), -1) to get RSS feed new that have less than 24 hours:

List all RSS feed items

Add after the action that you want to do. Send an email, write a message on teams, or send a tweet:

Add an action

Add a Parallel Branch with the same information as before, but changing the url to the RSS feed:

Parallel Branch

Save the flow, and execute it by clicking on Run:

Save the flow

The flow start, and because an item has been posted less than 24 hours, the tweet is posted:

Run details

If you want to have the code of the Logic App, you can found it here: https://github.com/Flodu31/LogicApp/blob/master/FALA-LA-AzureStatus.json

Now, the automation will keep you updated about last update, on Azure or AKS 😊

Post AKS Update

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Florent Appointaire
Florent Appointaire is Microsoft Engineer with 5 years of experience, specialized in Cloud Technologies (Public/Hybrid/Private). He is a freelance consultant in Belgium from the beginning of 2017. He is MVP Cloud and Datacentre Management. He is MCSE Private Cloud and Hyper-V certified. His favorite products are SCVMM, SCOM, Windows Azure pack/Azure Stack and Microsoft Azure.