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The hyper-v.io blog was acquired by StarWind Software, Inc. on March 1st, 2023.

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Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

Hard to imagine anything worse than data center outage, right? The business has to move smoothly, and data has to be available 24/7. Well, luckily, there are ways to make it happen. Check out the Azure Site Recovery service and find out what you can do with it!

StarWind has set hyperconvergence performance record. Let’s get behind the scenes

Hyperconvergence has dramatically transformed data center landscape over the past few years. New technologies are being developed, good old ones are being improved… We live in exciting times! And as data centers are becoming more reliable and powerful, it is important to get more out of the hardware in use: nobody likes to leave money on the table! Intel, Mellanox and StarWind have teamed up to develop a Hyper-V highly available cluster where you’ll get awesome performance without compromising ease of manageability of the environment. This article discusses the measurements in brief, showcasing the recent results.

Where is it smarter to keep databases? Azure SQL vs. Microsoft SQL Server in a VM

In this article, I compare deployment of Microsoft Azure SQL and SQL Server in a VM. I review the pros and cons of both approaches towards SQL Server deployment and take a closer look at cases when you may actually need each.