Sometimes, guys running home labs do not have licenses for Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Well, that’s not a big deal, you know, because Microsoft provides the 120-day grace period for the platform! However, one day the time runs out and RDS server breaks all the client connections. That day, admins are to choose between reinstalling the server and cheating a bit to reset the 120-day RDS grace period.

Well, guys who run testing environments and home labs sometimes choose the second option. At this point, I’d like to say that I neither support nor promote illegal use of Microsoft’s software for commercial purposes with this article! You know, Microsoft themselves provide the script to restore the grace period: . Well, I did not try that script myself, but I believe it should work.

There are some ways to reset the grace period through GUI. You can google a bit and find many of them! But, in this article, I teach you how to reset the grace period with PowerShell and Command Prompt. As I did not find a ready-to-go solution, everything I write here is something I came up with based on my own experience with a tiny portion of googling, of course