During 2015 Backblaze data centre has expanded from 39’690 hard drives in 882 Backblaze Storage Pods to 56’224 drives in 1’249 Pods, which makes about 65 Petabytes of additional space.

Hard Drive Statistics for 2015

During 2015, five drive models were retired and removed from service. In Q4 the last of 1 TB, 2TB and 3 TB drives were replaced with 4 or 6 TB drives.

five drive models


Nearly all of the 16,000+ drives purchased in 2015 have been Seagate drives, 85% of which are 4TB Seagate drives. One of the benefits of Seagate drives is that they generally signal their impending failure via their SMART stats, which is less predictable for other manufacturers’ drives.

1TB drives were reused for ‘burn-in’ storage pods.

Statistics for each hard drive are recorded and stored in the data centre every day. This raw data is freely available from the Backblaze web-site. New data will be available for download shortly.

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