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The recent distributed denial of service attack against Dyn, the dynamic DNS service, affected the availability of a row of major websites and Internet services, including Twitter and Reddit. The attack began at 7:10am Eastern Time (12:10pm UK) and was mainly focused on Dyn’s US East Coast name servers.

According to Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at Dyn, DNS traffic resolved from east coast name server locations was experiencing a service interruption during that time. By 9:20am ET same morning, Dyn had mitigated the attack and services returned to normal.

The attack increased the response time to DNS queries and in some cases delayed the propagation of some address changes. Moreover, some websites and mobile applications, such as Twitter, experienced intermittent outages. Posts to Twitter from some East Coast locations failed for a brief period, and webpages for Twitter and Reddit have been slow to load as DNS lookups for addresses added latency to Web requests. The DDoS attack also affected a number of major news sites.

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Source: arstechnica.com

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