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CES 2017: AT&T Offering Internet-of-Things (IoT) starter kits for AWS and Raspberry Pi

  • January 10, 2017
  • 5 min read
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AT&T, the Texas-based telecommunications company, has just announced two new Internet of Things (IoT) starter kits at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, one for Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers, the other for developers that use Raspberry Pi.

AT&T IoT starter kits

This starter kit is designed to offer developers and customers the alternative to start an IoT project from scratch, providing all the components necessary without looking to interconnect different hardware and software from different vendors. AT&T originally announced the first IoT starter kit back in August, partnering with Cisco, Avnet technologies and supporting REST APIs.

The Internet of Things is not about things, it’s about service“,  said Martyn Etherington, head of IoT cloud marketing at Cisco when this first Internet of Things starter kit was announced. “IoT developers play a critical role in the development of applications that deliver new, valuable services through connected devices. With this all-in-one Starter Kit, we’re helping to accelerate IoT success for developers looking to build or enable connected service businesses.

head of IoT cloud marketing at Cisco

The Ideas Behind IoT Starter Kits

This is an example image, from AdLink Company, about the capabilities around IoT starter kits. The components provided in these kits offer developers the alternative to program microcontrollers, in order to facilitate the interaction and retrieve data from a large number of devices (home based, manufacturers, field, etc.).

With the data obtained, integrate it with cloud technologies and transform that data into valuable information from which can trigger actions (like sirens, led lights and others as shown in the picture).

ADLINK IoT End-to-End Gateway Solution

Getting to know the IoT Starter Kit for AWS and Raspberry Pi

The company realized that in order to extend the usability and capabilities for this starter kit, they needed to start offering supportability based in two of the most common technologies for cloud and developing: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Raspberry Pi.

 IoT Starter Kit for AWS and Raspberry Pi

Here are the most important features and components in the newest IoT starter kit:

  • Starts at $99 USD (one-time cost)
  • AT&T LTE enabled SIM (Micro – 3FF)
  • 300MB of Data for use over 6 months
  • 300 SMS for use over 6 months
  • Domestic AT&T US
  • Avnet M14A2A Cellular Shield
  • NXP K64F Freedom Board
  • Two Pulse LTE antennas
  • Two MicroUSB Cables
  • 5V Power Supply
  • Quick Start Card
  • MicroSD Card for security credentials



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