Microsoft released a very interesting tool, that will help you to migrate quickly and easily your IIS websites, to Azure. I deployed for this test, a Windows Server 2019 server, with IIS and a website:


Download the Microsoft tool that will give you the possibility to do this migration (Offline or Online) :

Install it and launch it. Choose where is the website to migrate. If you’re directly on the server, select the first option, Instead, choose the second option and provide information of the server:


Sites that are hosted on the server will be detected. Select websites that you want to migrate:


You can save locally the assessment or deploy the website directly with the publishing profile. For me, I’ll do the readiness assessment:


You can see a warning. Nothing problematic:


Start the migration by clicking on Begin Migration:


Connect to the Azure account where you want to migrate the website:


Choose the tenant, the subscription and the region:


You need to create a new site. But you can choose an existing App Service Plan:


The creation of the website is in progress:


The website has been created correctly and you can access it:


Click on Begin Publish to migrate the website:


After few minutes, depending of the quantity of data to migrate, your website is migrated:


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Just point your DNS, with a CNAME, to this new Azure URL.

On the Azure side, a new resource group has been created, with my website and my app service plan:


This tool will simplify migration to Azure. We will see how to migrate databases, with the same process, to Azure SQL later.

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Florent Appointaire
Florent Appointaire is Microsoft Engineer with 5 years of experience, specialized in Cloud Technologies (Public/Hybrid/Private). He is a freelance consultant in Belgium from the beginning of 2017. He is MVP Cloud and Datacentre Management. He is MCSE Private Cloud and Hyper-V certified. His favorite products are SCVMM, SCOM, Windows Azure pack/Azure Stack and Microsoft Azure.