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Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee has been in the IT industry for over 20+ years and has worked in various IT industries spanning education, manufacturing, hospitality, and consulting for different technology companies, including Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Brandon is a prolific blogger and contributes to the community through various blog posts and technical documentation, primarily at

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Posted by Brandon Lee on February 2, 2022
Enroll devices and manage with Microsoft Intune device management

Ensuring security in the conditions of remote work proves challenging. Conventional approaches for enforcing compliance out of the enterprise premises don’t suit a hybrid workforce well. Microsoft Intune is a modern, cloud-native approach to provision, manage, and secure end-user clients regardless of their workstation device and location.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on January 25, 2022
Kubernetes persistent vs ephemeral storage volumes and their uses

Businesses continue on their journey of moving from monolithic applications to cloud-native micro-services. Kubernetes becomes more common, allowing you to orchestrate and manage containers in an intelligent, easily scalable, and highly available manner. But how does storage work exactly when it comes to containers?

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Posted by Brandon Lee on January 18, 2022
Group Policy vs. Microsoft Intune Configuration Profiles and how to migrate

Remote work isn’t going anywhere. With that in mind, the legacy means of provisioning services and enforcing policies and governance for end-users often fall short of standard in terms of remote workforce. Microsoft Intune Configuration Profiles attempts to provide an alternative for ensuring compliance when it comes to a hybrid work environment.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on December 16, 2021
Bicep vs Terraform

Business needs and exceedingly rapid data growth require further infrastructure automation. Manual processes simply can’t keep up. IaC solutions leverage public cloud to describe and provide your infrastructure resources in code blocks. IaC increases app deployment speed, improves consistency, decreases human errors, reduces configuration drift and infrastructure development cost.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on December 7, 2021
Top Windows 11 Enterprise Features

Windows 11 builds on its predecessor, bringing elevated usability and security. It will also have better integration with Windows Server 2022. As the shift to remote work solidifies, Windows 11 introduces such handy features as Microsoft Teams Integration, SMB over QUIC, SMB Compression, Increased Throughout Security, Virtual Desktops and Snap Layouts.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on October 5, 2021
Manage Windows Server 2022 with Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center (WAC) has been elevated to enable the new features and capabilities of Windows Server 2022 (WS2022). WAC is a multi-faceted browser-based management tool that allows integrating WS2022 to the fullest extent possible, covering a wide range of IT infrastructure use cases.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on September 14, 2021
Windows Server 2022 New Features

Well, it’s finally here: starting September 1, 2021, Windows Server 2022 is generally available! There’s a whole slew of new features and novelties present in the OS. However, most advancement is seen in enhancing security and hybrid cloud workload, catering to the modern shift to remote work and processing data at the point of inception.

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