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StarWind is #1 SAN Software to build a SAN for VMware and SAN for Hyper-V

StarWind VMware Backup Plug-in

StarWind VMware Backup Plug-in new

Complete Protection of Your VMware Virtual Machines
VMware Backup Plug-in is a reliable agentless backup and restore tool that is designed to safeguard data and improve the VMware virtualization outcome for SMBs. Its disaster recovery values are ensured with fast to restore archives in VMDK format. All backup and restore operations are easier, faster, and less space consuming than ever before with VMware Backup Plug-in.

You get a maximally efficient backup window, for it provides incremental and simultaneous VM backup options enhanced with the powerful global deduplication feature.
NEW:  Now supports vSphere 5.1!
Hardware agnostic nature
VMware Backup Plug-in is a very undemanding backup and recovery solution, operating with any available storage software and hardware. With VMware Backup you cut your capital expenses (CapEx), and increase your ROI.

User-friendly concept
This backup solution implies a user-centered approach and provides for the maximum automation of the process and the simplicity of manual operations in intuitive GUI. VMware Backup enables a single-click setup, plain backup policy, automatic post-processing of archives, and wizard-driven frequent operations.

VMware support
VMware Backup Plug-in applies VMware vStorage programming interface (API) to enhance data security and Changed Block Tracking to cut the LAN traffic and unload ESX hosts.

VMware Backup allows for extremely large savings on disk storage, reduced TCO rates, and longer retention period of stored archives. That is possible mainly through the enterprise-class global deduplication feature, which is accompanied with incremental backup. You can save only unique data and changes made after previous backup procedures.

VMware Backup is specifically designed for SMBs. It provides a rich feature-set at a moderate price that can be tolerated by limited budgets. StarWind delivers huge ROI and reduced TCO rates making your investments pay you back really quickly.
VMware Backup Plug-in - your beneficial solution
Cross-product benefits of StarWind solutions
VMware Backup Plug-in is a reliable and sufficient backup solution, although it can noticeably increase the virtualization outcome and bring about the most benefits when advanced with StarWind storage software. You can get a zero learning curve and maintain business continuity and high availability using a familiar robust SAN solution. StarWind delivers:
Fully compatible upgrades of your storage and backup software
Cross-application features provided by the single vendor
Single Management Console for managing storage and backup operations
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